About The Holiday Fund

With a focus on successful non-profits in Silicon Valley, the Town Crier Holiday Fund has raised over $2.5 million to benefit local community organizations since 2000. With your help, we expect the Fund to continue to grow year by year.


About Our Sponsor – Los Altos Town Crier

The Los Altos Town Crier was Founded in 1947 by Dave MacKenzie, a Los Altos Hills resident. The hometown newsweekly had been owned by several out of town conglomerates, including the Chicago Tribune Company, until 1993 when long-time Los Altos residents, Paul and Liz Nyberg purchased it. Now with a staff of twenty, the paper has maintained stability in an era when many newspapers are losing circulation and revenues due to the Internet. The key is relevance. Local news, especially good news, is what residents desire about their community.

Town Crier Personnel Who Manage the Holiday Fund:

Paul & Liz Nyberg, Publishers

Howard Bischoff, Associate Publisher

Chris Redden, Advertising Services Coordinator

Bruce Barton, Editor-in-chief

Leverne Cornelius & Peggy Hennessee, Administrator

Newsroom staff reports on agencies supported

Dave Snow, Website Design and Hosting

The Los Altos Town Crier has three functions of support for the Holiday Fund recipients:

Funds: The annual Holiday Fund drive has been providing cash support since 2000.

Publicity: Feature stories on each group gives positive public awareness for these organizations who do not have funds for advertising or extensive publicity.

Training: Early in 2007 a new program was launched by the newspaper to bring the development directors of these organizations and other nonprofits in the Valley together occasionally for networking, instruction and exposure to other sources of funds.